Becoming a new member or renewing your LEAF membership is easy. Simply fill out the electronic membership application on-line (click here) and submit it,  OR print a copy and bring it with your dues to any of the LEAF meetings(click here), OR mail it to the address at the bottom of this screen.

If you join after October 1, your membership will cover the rest of the current  year and all of next year.


1. All flying members must be a current member of the AMA and be in good standing throughout the entire calendar year of club membership. Click here for information on an AMA Membership

2. Open/Full membership shall be limited to adults 18 years or older.

3. Youth membership is for those 17 years and under.


1.The first adult member (18 or older) of the household shall pay a one time initiation fee of ($50.00) plus the $50.00 membership fee.

2. All other adult members (18 or older) living at the same address shall pay just the $50.00 per person membership fee. (No initiation fee)

3.Youth members (age 10 thru 17). Fees are $20.00 per year plus AMA youth membership. (No initiation fee).  Youth members under the age of 16 must ALWAYS be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the club field or any club event.

4. Youth members younger than age 10 waive LEAF membership fees but must posess a current AMA youth membership. NOTE: They must be acompanied by a parent or guardian while being given flight instruction or being allowed to fly at any LEAF field.


New Adult Membership – $100.00  ($50.00 plus $50.00 Initiation fee*)

Renewing Adult Membership – $50.00

Youth Membership (Age 9 and under) membership fee is waived.

Youth Membership (Age 10 through 17) $20.00 – Youth members under the age of 16 must ALWAYS be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the club field or any club event.

*New member initiation fee of $50.00 only applies to the household not the individual.


If you are joining the club as a new member or renewing your current membership with LEAF, your AMA membership must cover the complete new and renewed LEAF membership year. If you have already renewed your AMA insurance, click on the New/Renew LEAF Membership link below.  DO NOT just mail a check to LEAF for your membership. Renewing membership will still need the membership application completed, so we can make sure we have your correct contact information. Updated contact information for each member is to be collected as an AMA Chartered Club each year, as required by the AMA.

If you are wanting to become a new LEAF member, then proceed as follows:


If you prefer, Membership Applications can be printed out and mailed to:

Click for (2020 Membership Application PDF)

Longmont Electric Aircraft Flyers Inc.

1535 Aspenwood Lane

Longmont, CO 80504

Please make checks payable to: Longmont Electric Aircraft Flyers


FAA Registration

Do I need to register my Unmanned Aircraft?

LEAF does not require that you have an FAA registration to fly at LEAF.  However this is a requirement by the FAA. In addition without this registration you could be subject to civil action by the FAA.

You need to register your aircraft, Drone, or Helicopter if it weighs between 0.55 lbs (250grams) and up to 550 lbs. (25kg).  You are then required to place this number, along with your name and AMA number on all aircraft you fly within the weight limits.

You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register an unmanned aircraft or copter and do not register.

To register with the FAA, click HERE.