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.: Membership

  • All flying members must be a current member of the AMA.

    Full membership is limited to adults 18 years or older

  • Youth membership is for those age 10 thru 18 years of age. 

.: Dues Structure

  • Full members pay dues as established by the voting membership

  • Youth dues shall be no more than one half (1/2) adult dues.

.: Voting Rights

  • Voting privileges are limited to full members only.

  • Voting will be done during regular monthly meeting or special meetings called by the president or two officers.  

    The majority of members present at the meeting shall decide all voting matters. 

  • No proxy votes will be allowed.

.: Meetings & Elections

  1. Meetings shall be held once a month on a day and time to be determined by the membership, supplemental meetings may be called by at least 2 officers. Notices for these meetings must be in writing and e-mailed to the members at least 10 days prior to such special meeting.

    Election for officers shall be held at the November meeting. Nominations for officers shall at the October meeting; nominations may also be accepted at the November meeting prior to the election.

    .:Club Officers

    Officers of the club shall consist of (at the minimum) a President, Secretary/ treasurer and a safety officer. (AMA minimums)

  1. More officers may be created as needed and nominated and elected at any general meeting.

  2. All officers duties shall be as in the AMA officer guidelines.

.: Outdoor (Field) Flying Rules

  1. All flying shall be in accordance with AMA safety rules, as shown on the back of your AMA membership application.

    All AMA safety rules are in effect at the flying site at all times.

  2. It is recommended that all pilots have an observer/caller to keep track of any other aircraft flying or landing/taking off.

  3. Any non-member pilot will be allowed to fly there for a period not to exceed one month provided that they have a valid current AMA membership.

  4. Unsafe flying will not be tolerated.

  5. All flying shall be on the side of the field opposite the pit/spectator area and the pilot stations.

    No flying over people is allowed

  6. No smoking allowed in the pit area or pilots boxes

.: Indoor (Gym) Flying Rules

Do not fly over people or bleachers.

Announce your intentions when taking off...landing...on the "court"...Etc.

There will be a time allocated for "LIGHT and SLOW' types to fly.  I.E. Vapors,Embers, Uberlites, Etc.   During "LIGHT and SLOW" flying the circuit will be CCW only.

There will be a time allocated for "FAST and 3D" types to fly.  Aircraft type is anything faster than an Ember Type of aircraft, this includes all ParkZone/Eflite warbirds and all foamies.  During "FAST and 3D" any direction is OK but with an emphasis on collision avoidance.

The intervals will be 15 minutes for each type of flying.

Heli flying will be at either end of the gym.  If heli's stay behind the basketball backboards there is no time limit, otherwise they fly with the "LIGHT and SLOW.

NOTE: Rotocopters are special types.  Please see the coordinator of the event before flying. The event coordinator or safety officer has final say over event criteria.

Children are not permitted beyond the spectator area unless under the direct supervision of an adult or under flight instruction.

.: Indoor Size and Weight Requirements


Max Weight.....20oz.

Max Wingspan....38"

Max Speed..........20mph

Electric Power only



Max Weight....10.0oz

Max Rotor/Blade Dia..... Heli's..12.5"  Rotocopters.. 6.5" 

Max Speed...........20mph

Electric Power Only