Club Meeting at Hobbytown

Date: Oct 17, 2017 18:30:00 to 20:00

LEAF CLUB meeting, October 17, 2017

E. Taylor’s Notes


Data for Rick’s meeting form

Meeting started - 6:30 PM

Officers present – Paul, Jim, Ed T.

Board members present – Ed G, Stucky

Guests present – Paul Hollinghead

New members present – Rick Bailey, Neil Schmoker (signed up at meeting)

Total attendance – 12 (could be 13, as people drifted in)

September meeting minutes approved, although some members indicated that they might not have received them.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Checking - $232.87
  • Savings - $5633.72
  • Income - $435.00
  • Expenses - $258.33

Membership status:

  • Current members – 103
  • Youth – 13 (included in the 103)
  • New members in October-  3 (including 2 at meeting)
  • 2018 renewals – 3 so far

VP Report – no details (VP busy controlling raucous meeting)

Safety report – Justin absent.  No safety issues reported by members present

Field Maintenance – Eric absent; members present noted that field is in good shape and that several other members also routinely contribute to this condition.

Lead Instructor – Eric absent


Christmas Dinner/Party – much discussion, some quite animated, on this subject, leading to diverted discussion of how to get more members interested in doing things together; no specific resolution on the latter subject.  A vote on the Christmas was 4 in favor for it, remainder not for it.  Proposal failed. 

A suggestion was made to instead have a “party” (or something) in the spring, perhaps April, to get folks together prior to the flying season…this was met with general approval, although nothing formal was concluded.


A motion was made by Stucky, seconded, and approved to change next month’s club meeting from 11/21 to 11/14.  The reason being that 11/21 is the election meeting, yet it’s only 2 days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday which might reduce attendance at the meeting.  Rick to update the club calendar on the website.


A lively discussion regarding publication of member’s contact info was also held.  The discussion concluded with a motion, seconded, and approved to solicit the entire membership regarding publication of their contact information on the club web site (details TBD), separating those who wish to be listed from those who do not wish to be listed.  As Rick has the entire membership list, it was suggested that he send out the inquiry to all members.  (ET comment – if assistance is needed with this effort, I can certainly do as much as needed).


Officer Nominees

President – Mark Faivre, Rick McCaskill

VP – Dave Hoag, Paul Carter

Secretary – Steve Hood

Safety Officer – Bill Miles, Rachel Dwyier


Discussion & decisions regarding election ballots:

  1. Nominees that wish to do so, should provide to Rick M. by the end of next week a brief summary of their thoughts, opinions, or other relevant information regarding themselves and the position they are nominated for – 200 words max.  Rick to include these position summaries with the outgoing ballots to all members.
  2. All e-mailed or “snail mailed” ballots are to be returned directly to the Election Captain (Ed Greeott).  Rick to include these instructions with the outgoing ballots, including Ed G’s e-mail and home address to forward ballots to.
  3. At the November meeting, Ed G. will collect all hand delivered ballots and combine them with the ballots he has already received.  Ed G and Stucky will compile the ballots and present the results to the membership at that meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM