Club Meeting at the field

Date: Aug 15, 2017 18:30:00 to 20:00

LEAF Club Meeting Agenda

August 15, 2017

Meeting Location:  Field, NO RAIN or BUGs this night, perfect for an evening fly after the meeting

BBQ before meeting, thanks Stucky

Meeting Start Time: 6:30 pm                         

Members attending:   9   no visitor

Officer Roll Call:  Rick, Jim and Eric

New Members Present or guest – none

Motion to approve last month meeting minutes - Approved

Treasurer report: Jim Tarantino 

Checking = $817.32                                    Savings = $5,533.64   

Income:  $195 new membership fees and $200 to Field Improvement Savings Account

Expenses: $2.99 for new website test site

Total =  $6,350.96

Membership Status:  Ed Taylor current 101 members, which 13 are youth.  6 new members, one a youth, since last meeting

 VP Report: Paul Carter – not present

 Safety Report: Justin Roth  –  not present

 Field Maintenance: Eric Lemmon  –  knowing to report

 LEAD Instructor – Eric Lemmon – 8 youth and 6 adults came out Saturday for the TAG day combined with the Wounded Warrior Event.   Two of those joined the club at the event and one yesterday.  Thanks Eric for arranging the event and working the flights in between the Wounded Warrior events, during lunch break and after the event.  Great job Eric.

 President Report:  Rick McCaskill

 Wounded Warrior Fund Raiser event on August 12 was a great success.  We had a total of 11 pilots competing in the three events.  The events were a limbo, precision landing where the pilots had 2 minutes to make as many touch and go in the circle ion the runway and then had to go dead stick and land the plane as close to the center of the circle, one pilot did this.  The last event was a balloon bust where we had 9 colored balloons raised of the runway and the pilots had 3 mins to bust as many balloons as they could.  No pilots were able to bust a balloon during the regular round, so we had all the pilots go up at one time (9 participate) to see how would be the first to bust a balloon would win.  One pilot, Tom Neft broke a balloon and one.  Lots of fun for all.   We raised a total of $633. 

 Expenses for the Event:  Total expensive for the event was around $30, for food, rest of the expenses were paid for by Rick McCaskill as a gift to the club.  We agreed to give the rest of the $600 to the Disable Veteran’s (DAV)

New business: Election of Officers for 2018.  Election will occur in the November meeting.  Officers will assume positions on January 2018.

 Position open are:


Vice President


Safety Officer

If you feel you would like to run for one officer’s position or would like to nominate someone, please let me know, either in person, email, or call me.  I will check with the nominated member to see if they will run.  Paul Carter, current VP, Justin Roth, current Safety Officer and myself current President and Secretary, are willing to run again if nominated.

Other New Business: None.

It started to rain and lightning so we adjourned the meeting at 6:50 pm 

No members fly after the meeting due to the rain.

Next meeting will be September 15, 2017 at the Field at 6:30 pm or if weather is bad at HobbyTown.   This will be our last summer meeting at the field and Stucky will be cooking hamburgers and hot dogs starting at 6 pm.  Flying will occur after the meeting.  Please plan on attending.