Club Meeting at the field

Date: Jun 20, 2017 18:00:00 to 20:00

LEAF Club Meeting Agenda


June 20, 2017


Meeting Location:  Field, NO RAIN or BUGs this night, perfect for an evening fly after the meeting


Meeting Start Time: 6:30 pm                                  Members attending: 12

Officer Roll Call: Rick McCaskill, Jim Tarantino, Eric Lemmon

New Members Present or guest – None

Motion to approve last month’s meeting minutes - Approved

Treasurer report: Jim Tarantino

Checking = $636.29                  Savings = $ 5,283.56

Payments:        Runway Leveling= $2,550.00

                        Cleaning Toilet = $73.39

                        Gym rental = $80.00

                        Gas for mowers = $11.56

                        Belt for lawn mower = $16.39

                        1&1 Internet = $21.57

                        FPV Race Expenses = $254.78

                        FPV Race sanction = $25

                        Wounded Warrior event sanction = $25

Income:  $170 for new members

Total = $5,919.85

Membership Status:  Ed Taylor – current 95 members, which 12 are youth.  New members: 3, 

2 members have not issued their membership card, because their AMA have or about to expire.

VP Report: Paul Carter – Not Present

Safety Report: Justin Roth – Not present

Field Maintenance: Eric Lemmon – Eric said we had a great clean-up day.  We fixed the fence where a car ran though the fence between the gates, had to replace 2 posts and fence wire, sprayed the weeds in parking lot, heli area, and infield. Lastly Stucky and Eric will paint the benches and heli pad at a later date.

Lead Flight Instructor: Mark Faivre – Not present. 

President Report:  Rick McCaskill –

Club Solar System Issues and resolution.  John Stucky is working on a new mounting structure to mount the solar panel on the roof of the shed. Once complete, he and Rick will move the solar panel on the roof..  

Club Activities and Events – LEAF Family BBQ on July 15th, where all members and their families are invited.  The club will pay for hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and water.  Members are asked to bring salads or desserts.  The event will start about 10 am with lunch starting a noon.

Wounded Warrior Fund Raiser event is scheduled for August 12.

Longmont Kinetic Event is this Saturday and we are not allowed to use the field until 2 to 3 pm, per our lease on the field.

New business: None

Meeting adjourned:  

Next meeting will be July 18, 2017 at the Field at 6:30 pm or if weather is bad at HobbyTown.